Sep 29, 2011

How to Diagnose and Treat Lymphoma Cancer?

The lymphatic system is a tubular structure that connects all parts of the body and is essential to combat infections. Lymph is a colorless fluid containing white blood cells (lymphocytes) and is carried by the lymphatic system.
There are different types of ,lymphoma cancer and therefore, in response to a question, how to diagnose and treat lymphoma is a big challenge. The most common type of lymphoma and the term is used interchangeably Hodgkin's disease and other types are known as non-Hodgkin lymphoma
Although there are several symptoms of cancer of lymphoma, but they can mimic any other disease, it is difficult to suspect the diagnosis of lymphoma.
Some symptoms are:
·         Swollen lymph nodes
·         Feeling tired
·         Weight Loss
·         Recurrent fever
·         Night sweats
Once the patient has symptoms, he / she can consult a doctor who can perform the diagnostic procedure to confirm the disease. The diagnosis is based on:
·         Complete physical examination of the patient
·         Complete survey personal and family history
·         Physically examine the lymph nodes to present all the anomalies
·         The biopsy test to confirm malignancy in lymph nodes present
·         The chest radiograph to verify any enlarged lymph nodes in the chest
·         Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) or computed tomography (CT)
·         Ultrasound Studies
After the diagnosis is cancer and lymphoma is confirmed, then the patient may undergo further tests to detect the exact stage of the disease.
Cancer Treatment:
·         Radiation Therapy - Powerful x-rays or any such radiations may be used to treat the lymphoma cancer. The radiations are directed to kill the abnormal cancerous cells either by internal or external radiation therapy. However, pregnant women are not eligible for radiation therapy until delivery.

·         Chemotherapy - This therapy uses anti-cancer drugs to destroy the malignant cells in the lymph system. The therapy may be administered through mouth, intravenously or placing directly into the cerebrospinal fluid. Although, chemotherapy may be observed in pregnant women, close watch is required to see any danger to the fetus.

·         Vaccine Therapy - This is a new treatment technique used to treat lymphoma. This technique aims at strengthening body's immunity to fight the cancerous cells. The medications used are directed to restore the immune system and boost its defense against the malignancies.

·         High-dose chemotherapy in combination with stem cell transplant is another treatment option lately being considered. The technique is to replace the destroyed blood-forming stem cells in the patient with the donor stem cells.
Lymphoma cancer is type of cancer that affects the lymph system of the body. There are around 35 and more types of this cancer. Hence, how to diagnose and treat lymphoma cancer is a challenge for medical professionals. Like any other cancer, early detection and prompt treatment are vital.

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