Oct 21, 2011

The Symptoms Of Leukemia: The Spot Before It's Too Late

Leukemia is a cancer that is very common today. He does not choose who attacks men, women, children, adults, Caucasian, African American, Asian, Hispanic - we are all at risk. According to the latest survey, almost 44 000 people will be diagnosed with leukemia in 2010. It is now 2011. However, the progress we have had in the area of ​​health and medicine, the result of leukemia is promising. Now there is a significant increase in survival rate - just over 50 percent. This may not be a very large number for you, but compared to the 1970 when he was only a chance of survival of 14 percent, 50 percent is almost as free of the disease. Do you agree?
Leukemia survive depends largely on the severity of the disease when diagnosed. As you might guess, the early diagnosis of leukemia may provide a better prognosis compared to late detection. Knowing what symptoms to consider would be a great help to get treatment as soon as possible. The following are common symptoms of leukemia:
• Fever and recurrent infections. The reason for this is that leukemia, you do not have a mature white blood cells to fight against foreign bodies. Do not have a good defense system to protect you from invading viruses.
• Fatigue. Leukemia is a disease with a massive production of abnormal white blood cells. These cells would take a lot of space and prevents the production of other cell types. Since the production of red blood cells is decreased by the process, the delivery of oxygen to your various systems would also be decreased. This is what causes fatigue.
• Bleeding and / or bruising. Bleeding, when linked to cancer, is painless. The same goes with the bruises. Normal bruise would offer to the touch. Bruising, as related to leukemia, there is no pain. Platelets are responsible for clotting, decreased leukemia. This causes bleeding and bruising.
• petechiae. They are tiny, rash-like spots found on the skin. Unlike the rash, but no itching petechiae. This is caused by a rupture of capillaries and a decreased number of platelets.
• Pain. All types of cancer have pain. In case of leukemia, bone or joint pain. This should not be confused with symptoms of bone cancer, however. The pain of bone cancer is caused by compression of the nerves due to tumor growth. In leukemia, is the pain caused by the overpopulation of cells in the bone marrow.
There are many other symptoms of leukemia, but the above would be the most common element. If you encounter one of these, contact your doctor immediately. If you get treatment early stages of the disease, there is the possibility that cancer cells can be destroyed, and you must be one of the few survivors who were alive to tell the story of the fight to the death.
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